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Why Local

Why Local

For this world to become a better place we need to help each other. Everything counts.

My dreams is coming true, but I want to share this journey with others. It's never about money. It's amazing to me how the world is based off of a dollar. Of course we all need money to survive.

But just imagine this world with no currency?

Would we trust people?

Would we help more?

Would we give more? 

What's that saying, "Time is money"? 
 No, "time is freedom" -a world when you can be and do what you want.

The universe is yours and "you are your own love story." Trust in you; the higher power and  helping others to become  thankful and live in peace & love. 
With empathy comes love, with love comes humanity, and the world will be a different place if we all make it a part of our daily lives."Fason De Viv" #allpeople

What I want? Umm, world peace, to end hunger, no violence, higher vibration. 
"My world" oh wow! But it actually exists. 

"Change begins in the heart of the entrepreneur. And, for that matter, the heart of the consumer as well. It's the power of love and compassion that can bring transformative change." - Judy Wicks

Hello April

Hello April

Write In Your Journal Five Minutes Per Day

Write In Your Journal Five Minutes Per Day