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Hello Self,

Hello Self,

Hello self, 

It has been a while since we have spoken. You usually ask yourself what is next but lately you are okay with what is to come. Focus on the big picture knowing everything you seek you shall find. 

Breathe, Trust & Be. 

Open your heart Charkra accept what is to come. 

Every lesson is a blessing, every blessing is a lesson. 

Gratitude is the most important thing. If you can not be thankful for what you have right Now! You are not open to receive whatever is to come your way. 

I always say "My life is my story". My thoughts is what creates reality, the people I meet creates the characters, each month is a new chapter. 

My business honestly taught me this. Balance "you have no control" do your best each day do not try to figure out how it is going to happen just trust that is going to happen. 

My happiness is life, the beauty I see everyday in people, in God and the souls I meet. Who am I?

I am Hanifah
CEO of "Fason De Viv" Lifestyle full of love. 

Why Juice Everyday

Why Juice Everyday

Must Read Book :)

Must Read Book :)