What defines you ?

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My lifestyle defines me. I am a free spirited model/actress who loves to travel and is currently living bi-coastal in both LA and NY. I love to do yoga for spiritual and mental fitness and since I practice a plant based diet it also keeps me fit. I love to sun gaze while mediating and collecting crystals :) 


 Tell your story in one sentence?


 I am woman  who is  unafraid to  grow daily,  my goal is to  just live.


Describe your style?



 My style is so diverse it doesn't even fit in that "box". I like to switch it up from day to day but in a classy and sophisticated way. My goal is to always look cuter than the day before. When it comes to getting dressed, it is all on my vibe for that day. One day it might be as chill as Nikes and yoga clothes, or as stylish as a maxi dress, chunky heels, maybe a wig and nice hat. My style varies from cute tomboy (androgynous) to bad and boujie real quick LOL Oh and I love my wigs!! 

What quote inspires and motivate you? 

Okay, so since I am a dreamer, I am motivated by Dr. Seuss often and in his book "Oh the places you'll go" he says " You have brains in your head. And feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." My dreams lead me to have the initial thought while my actions are all up to me; my feet moving symbolizes one step at a time. My life is how it is today because of the dreams I have had. That is my power.


Chimere Washington

When you walk into a crowded room, what would you prefer to do? 

 I usually walk into a crowded room and turn up. We are all thermostats, we change the environment with our actions, thoughts and existence.