Me & Mom

Together We're creating a better fashion future. 

 Me & Mom
In the fall of 2015 My mother and I recently launched FDV Personal Collection, also dubbed Fason De Viv. My mother, born and raised in Haiti, has always been a talented seamstress. She fostered the love of fashion and power of self love from a young age. Together we create one of a kind pieces and Up-cycled Vintage pieces that inspire style and simplify choices. It's the most collaborative, partnership a designer could hope for. I envision the design and she makes it a reality through exquisite tailoring. 

 Me & Mom


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 Our vintage pieces are one of a kind, so once it's sold, it's gone!


Vintage describes clothing 20+ years old that represents the era in which it was produced. 

Vintage clothing can be used, new (from dead stock), manufactured, and handmade.

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