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Traveler | Mompreneur

Tell your story in one sentence?

I'm a photographer, traveler, and mompreneur who's obsessed with chucks, kale, and all Oprah everything! 



Describe your style?

Comfort, first! If I don't feel comfortable in an outfit, I won't wear it. Simple as that. I'm not the girl whose toes are secretly buckling in her heels for the sake of fashion! lol However, I don't think that style needs to be sacrificed in order to be comfortable. I still LOVE heels, but if they're uncomfortable - my 'go to' is a nice pair oxfords. 

When you walk into a crowded room, what would you prefer to do?

Natural and easy going because that's my personality. I like my actions to be authentic to who I am.

What quotation inspires and motivate you?



"Do what you can with what you have."

What defines you?

I'd like to be defined as a woman with a strong sense of purpose who chases her vision with both tenacity and grace. 


The Wrap Dress
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Slinky V-Neck
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Slinky V-Neck
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