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The New Moon

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New Moon Energy can be powerful. Tapping into this energy can support your dreams and desires. We can harness the energy of the new moon to fulfill our visions and make our desires come true by creating a new moon ritual. 

This ritual should be a time where you can relax and light a candle or some incense. Listen to your heart and write down on paper what you truly desire in life. Do not ask for too much, keep your list simple and short with no more than 10 goals or wishes.

Be clear with your intentions, the wording of your wishes or goals is important. You must capture the feelings behind your wish. Remember that your wish must feel right, if it doesn’t then you should wait until another time to make that wish when it feels right.

Your wishes must not be focused on other people, you cannot change others, but you can wish and make changes to your own behaviour which will positively influence and encourage a change in another person.

Try and write your wishes down when the new moon energy is at its strongest, within the first nine hours of the new moon.

By writing everything down, you are creating a contract to yourself!




I Am Kia

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I AM Kia 

1. What defines you?

I would say that I am defined by my inner and outer beauty. I was raised by both of my parents to be confident and appreciate the talents, strength and beauty that God gave me, as well as seeing the beauty in others.


2. Describe your style 

My style is "comfy chic", if that's a thing. I love to be comfortable but I appreciate fashion and style. If you catch me in tights and a tee shirt, I'll definitely have on statement jewelry paired with my favorite printed jacket!


3. Do You Speak To Your Inner Self & How?  

I speak to my inner self through prayer and when I'm walking. I pray to stay grounded and give gratitude. When I walk around my city I am able to let my mind just go and capture everything around me. 

4. My Secret talent is....


My secret talent is dance.  I was in dance school during my childhood and I still admire the movement and discipline that your body endures! I wouldn't consider myself a dancer but I love to dance and do yoga to see what my body is capable of.

5. The Joy Of Dressing Is.....

The joy of dressing is showing the world who I am and how I feel without saying a word. Everyday I wake up and go into my closet and pick out something that makes me feel good. 

6. What feels like love to you? 

Love to me feels like being my true self. Laughing really hard, surrounded by family, dancing freely, eating, drinking hot cocoa. Love is pure, genuine, cozy, happiness.


FDV: "Everyone has a life story and we want to share and inspire others". #DressCode


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A strong man masters others. A truly wise man masters himself. - The wisdom of the taoists 

Must Read Book: Acts Of Faith By: Iyanla Vanzant 

Page. April 9th 

There are so many scars inside of people of color, it is incredible that we survive. Scars from childhood memories. Scars from dreams deferred. Scares from words, incidents and our judgments of them. We cover the scars with personality, habits, and sometimes, drugs, sex and alcohol. We take our wounded souls into the world and pretend that we are not hurt. Yet every time we are confronted with an event similar to the one caused the scars, the wounds are reopened. There can be no healing in our external world until we give intensive care and healing to our internal wounds. We may think we do not know what to do . We do. We must first admit that the wounds exist. We must be willing to examine them, touch them and expose them to ourselves. Then we must wrap them in the most potent antiseptic there is _love. 

Today i will nurture my wounds with love's light. 

I AM Jonuka

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1. What defines you? 
Being genuine; in every sense of the word and in every aspect of my life.




2. Describe your style? 
I would describe my style as being simple, and minimal, but with little subtleties here and there that show my personality.

3. Do you speak to your inner self & how ? 
I speak to my inner self before speaking out loud.. To gather my thoughts and to know that I am articulating what I'm thinking in the most effective way. I also have to constantly reassure and encourage my inner, anxious self to focus.

4. My secret talent is... 
Jumping Doubledutch

5. The joy of dressing is...
Being able to express yourself and tell a story without having to say a word.

6.  What feels like love to you?
Being accepted, and being considered... 

Tell your story?
I don't feel as though I have a story yet. I think that's something I'm living out everyday. There are unexpected bouts of happiness; extreme periods of confusion and anxiety. The only thing that has been constant is that I wake up everyday, dress the way I feel, and take on another day that will be filled with things I hadn't planned for. I honestly just feel like a being in the world and I kind of prefer it that way.

-I AM Jonuka 

I AM Barrett

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1. What defines you? 
My purpose defines me. It is my mission in life to be happiness and bring it to others. I know I am meant to cultivate and use my light in order to help others illuminate theirs as well. 

2. Describe your style? 
My style is either modest or sexy. I kind of don't have an in between. I like basics, regardless of which way I'm going. I love to feel comfortable and wear clothes that match my personality, more than the situation or event. 

3. Do you speak to your inner self & how ? 
I speak to inner-self through meditation, affirmations, music and writing. Every morning I give gratitude through one of those avenues. I just started in the past year becoming super aware of my thoughts and how they make me feel. I believe that I have the power to create whatever life I desire. So much of that comes from practicing the vibrations that give me peace, love, freedom, happiness, and exhilaration - among other feelings that are very real indicators of my vibes. I think it's been most beneficial coaching myself to be positive before the negativity can even begin, as to stay focused on my purpose, and I've found it helpful to be aware of and adjust my thoughts so I can ease back into positive vibrations from negative situations by focusing on something that does make me feel good.  

4. My secret talent is...
My secret talent is I'm a poet. I spit, and I love performing in front of folks, but I haven't performed my poetry in years. Therefore, I'm excited to make my talent not so secret anymore. 

5. The joy of dressing is..?
The joy of dressing is showing pride in the way the clothes showcase my authentic self. I use to dread putting on clothes at my size, but now, the joy of dressing is showing off all my curves! I'm eager to represent for other curvy women and show them that there can be fun, sexy, and super cute workout clothes, work clothes, and play clothing. The joy of dressing is knowing that I'm not dressing to be someone else but to be my true self. Dressing allows me to exude all that is me - in any setting.

6.  What feels like love to you?
Good music feels like love, self-acceptance feels like love, meditation feels like love; I am love. It's taken me so long to realize that - and that more I cultivate that within me, the more I'll be able to make everything I touch, every experience, every encounter oh so lovely. 

- I AM Barrett xoxo  


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 1. What defines you?

I would say my free-spirited nature and personality define me. I’m a very genuine, caring, loyal, and feeling/empathic person; sometimes I call it “my gift and curse”. Sometimes caring and feeling can be overwhelming so it’s important that I separate and take time for myself to disconnect.


2. Describe your style?
I think my style is eclectic, fun, vintage, trendy, regular, and unique all at the same time; nothing special but different nonetheless.  I enjoy pairing thrifted pieces with more trendy pieces to create a different look.

3. Do you speak to your inner self & how ?
I speak to my inner self through self-talk, meditation, journaling and prayer; all of which I don’t feel I do enough of presently. Soon Come!

4. My secret talent is.....
Not sure if it’s a talent but I remember/recall people, places, things, and events through smell. Kinda weird but it’s part of me.

5. The joy of dressing is...
The joy of dressing is finding a way to shine through the ensemble. It’s the freedom to be unique and express your individuality.

6.  What feels like love to you?
Love feels like walking barefoot on grass at sunrise while sipping hot tea. It’s communication and compromise wrapped into the tightest hug.

Be Well,KD  
*When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.* ~Viktor E. Frankl


Personal Growth Workshop

The Heritage Hipster

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Who Is She 

Life is full of wonderful contradictions. she can be full-speed-ahead, try anything kind of customer, able to recite the latest fashion designer down to the season. 

But she's no slave to fashion and won't hesitate to pass if a look doesn't bring purpose to her life. Who is she ? she represents  Happiness , creativity , fashion freedom ,attraction & divine beauty. 

New York Fashion Week!!

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New York Fashion Week kicks off Thursday, September 6th and comes to a close Wednesday, September 14th.  This week and next week will be filled with sublime street style and fashion shows featuring nationally acclaimed designers like Anniesa Hasibuan, Francesca Liberatore, Jeremy Scott, Michael Costello, and Vera Wang to name a few. The schedule as well as information about each designer featured in this seasons New York Fashion Week shows can be located at: nyfw.com.

Although, NYFW is known for featuring the big wigs of the fashion industry, there are now platforms for rising designers to feature their collections as well.  Even the veterans of the fashion industry had to start from somewhere.  The beginning for most, if not all brands differs depending on when an aspiring designer received their first big break into the industry.  Fason De Viv is thrilled to be a supporter of a local, Philadelphia designer and her collection that has made it’s way to the NYFW runway. Jovan O’ Connor is a local brand that has been featured in the store for three months!

The current collection featured in store satisfies the wanderlust of a traveling woman.  The styles range from sensual show- stopping gown; to basically every ensembles a woman would need weather it be a beach party, dinner date, or yacht party.  

At Fason De Viv we believe in community, supporting, as well as buying local. We believe that fashion is not only a way to express one’s self, fashion is a lifestyle. We are so honored to host Jovan O’ Conner’s designs in our store and we proudly support the elevation of local brands soaring to new heights.

Jovan O’ Connor’s SS’ 17 ready-to-wear women’s collection was inspired by the rich beauty of the African safari be the first to see this collection!  Get your tickets:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyfw-jovan-oconnor-ss17-runway-show-tickets-27505414435

Shop FALL 2016 

Awakening The Goddess Within

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Fason De Viv .....Collection 

" I believe every single woman is a Goddess. we are divine, miraculous and glorious. It's who we are down to our core. You may need to rediscover and reclaim this part of yourself but it's there just waiting for you to rock it." 


What Is a Goddess? 

A woman who is in the process of learning to know , accept and love herself on all levels, Mind Body and Spirit. A woman who focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experience a life, increasingly filled with peace, love , joy , passion and fun. A woman that  understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance. 

CEO Hanifah Samad

Fason De Viv .....A Lifestyle brand  for the free - thinking woman who is excited by the world around her. 


A Simple Grey Dress

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It sounds simple but occupying your mind with positive thoughts really does shrink down the negative ones. It's something I'm working through with my therapist-- not just once or twice but trying to change the way my mind processes pretty much everything. It's challenged me to take a look back and really focus on my surroundings and emotions before acting impulsively, thinking irrationally, or anything in between. It's not easy but very much worth it. 

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#FreshBlooms | Lark & Lace

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I love everything about this dress, especially how it lays on the body. The skirt is very free-spirited while the top has a little more structure. It's the best of both worlds. I played up on both of those worlds by wearing it with a denim jacket, structured hat, bandana, and my favorite little lace up booties. I think I got the "cool country girl goes to the big city to buy some flowers" vibes I was going for. But why would a country girl go to the city for flowers, you may ask? I know. It doesn't make sense. Just let it happen.

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