1. What defines you?

I would say my free-spirited nature and personality define me. I’m a very genuine, caring, loyal, and feeling/empathic person; sometimes I call it “my gift and curse”. Sometimes caring and feeling can be overwhelming so it’s important that I separate and take time for myself to disconnect.


2. Describe your style?
I think my style is eclectic, fun, vintage, trendy, regular, and unique all at the same time; nothing special but different nonetheless.  I enjoy pairing thrifted pieces with more trendy pieces to create a different look.

3. Do you speak to your inner self & how ?
I speak to my inner self through self-talk, meditation, journaling and prayer; all of which I don’t feel I do enough of presently. Soon Come!

4. My secret talent is.....
Not sure if it’s a talent but I remember/recall people, places, things, and events through smell. Kinda weird but it’s part of me.

5. The joy of dressing is...
The joy of dressing is finding a way to shine through the ensemble. It’s the freedom to be unique and express your individuality.

6.  What feels like love to you?
Love feels like walking barefoot on grass at sunrise while sipping hot tea. It’s communication and compromise wrapped into the tightest hug.

Be Well,KD  
*When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves.* ~Viktor E. Frankl


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