A strong man masters others. A truly wise man masters himself. - The wisdom of the taoists 

Must Read Book: Acts Of Faith By: Iyanla Vanzant 

Page. April 9th 

There are so many scars inside of people of color, it is incredible that we survive. Scars from childhood memories. Scars from dreams deferred. Scares from words, incidents and our judgments of them. We cover the scars with personality, habits, and sometimes, drugs, sex and alcohol. We take our wounded souls into the world and pretend that we are not hurt. Yet every time we are confronted with an event similar to the one caused the scars, the wounds are reopened. There can be no healing in our external world until we give intensive care and healing to our internal wounds. We may think we do not know what to do . We do. We must first admit that the wounds exist. We must be willing to examine them, touch them and expose them to ourselves. Then we must wrap them in the most potent antiseptic there is _love. 

Today i will nurture my wounds with love's light.