I AM Barrett

1. What defines you? 
My purpose defines me. It is my mission in life to be happiness and bring it to others. I know I am meant to cultivate and use my light in order to help others illuminate theirs as well. 

2. Describe your style? 
My style is either modest or sexy. I kind of don't have an in between. I like basics, regardless of which way I'm going. I love to feel comfortable and wear clothes that match my personality, more than the situation or event. 

3. Do you speak to your inner self & how ? 
I speak to inner-self through meditation, affirmations, music and writing. Every morning I give gratitude through one of those avenues. I just started in the past year becoming super aware of my thoughts and how they make me feel. I believe that I have the power to create whatever life I desire. So much of that comes from practicing the vibrations that give me peace, love, freedom, happiness, and exhilaration - among other feelings that are very real indicators of my vibes. I think it's been most beneficial coaching myself to be positive before the negativity can even begin, as to stay focused on my purpose, and I've found it helpful to be aware of and adjust my thoughts so I can ease back into positive vibrations from negative situations by focusing on something that does make me feel good.  

4. My secret talent is...
My secret talent is I'm a poet. I spit, and I love performing in front of folks, but I haven't performed my poetry in years. Therefore, I'm excited to make my talent not so secret anymore. 

5. The joy of dressing is..?
The joy of dressing is showing pride in the way the clothes showcase my authentic self. I use to dread putting on clothes at my size, but now, the joy of dressing is showing off all my curves! I'm eager to represent for other curvy women and show them that there can be fun, sexy, and super cute workout clothes, work clothes, and play clothing. The joy of dressing is knowing that I'm not dressing to be someone else but to be my true self. Dressing allows me to exude all that is me - in any setting.

6.  What feels like love to you?
Good music feels like love, self-acceptance feels like love, meditation feels like love; I am love. It's taken me so long to realize that - and that more I cultivate that within me, the more I'll be able to make everything I touch, every experience, every encounter oh so lovely. 

- I AM Barrett xoxo