I Am Kia

I AM Kia 

1. What defines you?

I would say that I am defined by my inner and outer beauty. I was raised by both of my parents to be confident and appreciate the talents, strength and beauty that God gave me, as well as seeing the beauty in others.


2. Describe your style 

My style is "comfy chic", if that's a thing. I love to be comfortable but I appreciate fashion and style. If you catch me in tights and a tee shirt, I'll definitely have on statement jewelry paired with my favorite printed jacket!


3. Do You Speak To Your Inner Self & How?  

I speak to my inner self through prayer and when I'm walking. I pray to stay grounded and give gratitude. When I walk around my city I am able to let my mind just go and capture everything around me. 

4. My Secret talent is....


My secret talent is dance.  I was in dance school during my childhood and I still admire the movement and discipline that your body endures! I wouldn't consider myself a dancer but I love to dance and do yoga to see what my body is capable of.

5. The Joy Of Dressing Is.....

The joy of dressing is showing the world who I am and how I feel without saying a word. Everyday I wake up and go into my closet and pick out something that makes me feel good. 

6. What feels like love to you? 

Love to me feels like being my true self. Laughing really hard, surrounded by family, dancing freely, eating, drinking hot cocoa. Love is pure, genuine, cozy, happiness.


FDV: "Everyone has a life story and we want to share and inspire others". #DressCode