Fason De Viv 

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"Fason De Viv, a boutique store in Old City, brings you the best Philadelphia's designers items- from handbags to handmade skincare products. Founded by Hanifah Samad, a local clothing designer of Haitian descent, Fason de Viv values diversity, culture and originality. We are empowered, self-made women who believe we can change the world around us by touching the lives of others.



The selection of pieces in this collection satisfies the wanderlust of a globetrotting girl on a Brazilian Holiday. Styles range from skimpy separates to a sensually show-stopping gown; basically every ensemble she would need from the beach to the samba club, to dinner dates and yacht parties. This girl is living the life one could only dream of and has a dream wardrobe... 

Designed by Jovan O'Connor




 My mother and I recently launched FDV Personal Collection, also dubbed Fason De Viv. My mother, born and raised in Haiti, has always been a talented seamstress. She fostered the love of fashion and power of self love from a young age. Together we create one of a kind pieces that inspire style and simplify choices. It's the most collaborative, partnership a designer could hope for. I envision the design and she makes it a reality through exquisite tailoring. 


Accent Aroma offers Aroma & Color Therapy Gel Candles/Body Essentials. Our handmade products enhance your mind, body & spirit. 


Here at The Raw Spa, we are all about packing our products with natural goodness... but we like to have fun with them, too!! Our colorful products contain absolutely NO synthetic micas or coal tar dyes! And as for our complex, and often off-the-wall scents- those are almost entirely botanical, too! We know, because we hand blend them ourselves. We strive to keep our products "creepy-free", so you won't find any hidden parabens, aldehydes, petroleum derivatives, or phthalates in our products.   No matter your skin type - from oily or dry, to mature or damaged - we have something that has been formulated just for you!



Our mission here at African Cultural Art Forum is to educate and create employment for the youths within the community. Educating the youth by giving them the idea that they can maintain and sustain by working for self. Allowing them to understand that they too can become producers and not only consumers. Producing and manufacturing our own products allow us to employ youths within the community. This give them the opportunity to see how products are made, packaged and delivered to varies places, and also a chance to see how a business operate on an everyday basis. Creating a pathway for our children is very important because this will make better adults, which will make a better community, which will make a better nation of people. With everything we do our mission always remain our main focus.



Trinket Witch provides handmade jewelry using precious and semi precious crystals in the forms of macrame, wire wrapping, and more. It's jewelry that not only looks good but makes you feel good, for each piece holds different crystals that attracts to all sorts and pulls different emotions from each of us. Crystal energy, healing, and meditation are a big part of Trinket Witch: the magic that resonates through each crystal can help aid the magic within us. It promotes a lifestyle of inner peace, meaningfulness, and positivity within yourself that can be reflected onto those around you. It's my way of creatively connecting to others to the deep place closer to their core and next to their heart, where magic can always be found. 


Reece Ford designs are created for the fierce lovers of color & texture. The collection offers fashion forward accessories that are perfect for any occasion. 


Our mission is to promote renewal, growth and overall well-being through culturally inspired jewelry and accessories.  Akilah Itan designs fashion-forward jewelry and accessories that inspire positive change.



AnaOno believes in beauty, confidence and empowerment for everyone. That's why we're happy to be the non-traditional intimates and apparel company for the not-so-traditional person. We are committed to making you feel your very best from the moment you put on our underpinnings, loungewear or athleisure wear with the comfort of the material, the construction of the garment and the thoughtful design to fit every lifestyle and personality. And, we're a triple-bottom line company focused on being kind to the environment, giving back to the community and keeping our brand and our workplace accessible to anyone who is looking for something different than the what the traditional market is offering. Go on, be perfectly, beautifully you.


 At TDM we want to make it our mission to provide quality over quantity. Offer the best customer service at all times. To inspire and show diversity through our vision as we continue to grow.


Fat Fat Goose is a line of leather bags handcrafted in Philadelphia. Each bag is individually patterned, cut, and sewn by Rachel Drummond in Philadelphia with the hope of providing one-of-a-kind, quality handbags to customers around the world, and to bring more attention to Philadelphia boutiques and artists.