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Here, you can go into more detail about yourself, your project, or your organization. You can talk about how your idea started, how long you’ve been working on it, what it stands for, and why it’s important. The more specific you are, the more visitors can engage with what you do. FDV; Finding women who love our clothes, Inspire women to live more co-creative, to capture her inner beauty as i serve their outer beauty . Having a positive impact in the world: sustainability work with other initiatives women leaders. 



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Opinionated, Trendy, & Quality.jpg

 Opinionated,  Trendy, & Quality.

She is strong and independent. She doesn’t need anyone around to tell her what to do.

One of the female’s largest goals in life is to be her own boss, or to be the boss of her dream job.

Her personality traits also show she has a flair for creativity when it comes to fashion. This isn’t to say that She dress oddly to try to express her selves.
It’s just that they often try to dress beauty in the latest styles and in the colors that looks best on her. Knows that her appearance can make or break a first impression, so she is  willing to put some time and money into her look. She is the type to take risk.


Your Dream Wardrobe ?
Your Dream Wardrobe ?
She is the type to take risk
Opinionated, Trendy & Quality

Passionate, Intuitive, Daydreamer.

Intuitive, spiritual and always there with a kind smile; these are her characteristics people know and love her. She's Compassionate  make great friends, and her strong musical and artistic talents can make a fantastic dinner companions. very spiritual, naturally creative,and soulful.
She has a dreamy quality and express many of emotions, true romantic, which makes her drawn to flowy, feminine and delicate styles.


Your Dream Wardrobe ?
Your Dream Wardrobe ?
Drawn to flowy, feminine and delicate styles.
Passionate, Intuitive, Daydreamer

Organic, Intuitive & laidback

Health, and eating as healthy as possible, is very important to Her, so you'll may find her in the produce aisles of your local stores, buying organics. woman is concerned, she may seem quiet and reserved. She may appear to be playing hard to get, but she is really just holding back and analyzing all the facts until she decides to make a commitment. She doesn't want to be hurt. Once she make a decision, she will be loyal and devoted to a relationship. like earthly colors. She might look intense or have a sexual vibe to her style .

Your Dream Wardrobe ?
Your Dream Wardrobe ?
She might look intense or have a sexual vibe to her style
Organic, Intuitive, Laidback
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